Crescent and Heart

Beloved Friends,
Thank you all for the wonderful support and the incredibly positive feedback regarding my recent project – the recording of Murshid Samuel L. Lewis’ epic poem Crescent and Heart.

I encountered this poem decades ago when Sheikh Ishaq Jud used it as a teaching tool at Sufi Camp, and shortly thereafter, Murshid Wali Ali Meyer was also referencing it in classes I attended. While all of Murshid Sam’s epic poetry has great value, Crescent and Heart struck a chord in me and has remained a favorite over time. I’ve continued to use it in my classes, retreats and workshops.

Murshid Sam’s poem delightfully gives an insight into the life of one of the world’s great Sufi Saints – Hazrat Kwaja Moineddin Chisti, while also
showing in great depth how music is the very foundation of the manifest universe.
Crescent and Heart shows us a way to tune the pitch of our beings so we can beautifully join Life’s Celestial Symphony, further moving all of creation toward the divine embrace. My recording of the poem is an effort to share the wisdom and guidance of Murshid Sam’s work with an ever widening audience.

To check it out further, click the link attached here: CRESCENTANDHEART.BANDCAMP.COM

1) It can be listened to right there for free.

To have your own copy, (and further support the work of this project), you can
2) Download an electronic version, or
3) Order a hard copy (CD).

Many blessings be with you all.
Much Love,


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