Monthly Schedule


1st and 3rd Thursdays  7:30pm  207 Gresham St  Ashland, Oregon

2nd and 4th Thursdays  7:00pm  Zoom Zikr  Shelter in place

Murshid Moineddin says, “Zikr is the Remembrance of Perfection, the Perfection of Remembrance”. Zikr is a traditional Sufi practice of Divine Remembrance using sacred phrase, rhythm, melody, movement, and breath; to awaken those qualities in us that we hold as an ideal, qualities that lead to Divine Unity. For information and directions, please call 541-890-1337



1 thought on “Monthly Schedule

  1. I’m interested in learning the Sufi dance and other Peace Dances. I have no experience to date with these dances. Thanks. Jo Ann

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