Khalil Mark Elliott has been a minister performing weddings for 30 years. The joy of the ceremony, the beauty of a multi-generational event, and families feeling at ease, ahh, yes!  Khalil is a Khalif in an inclusive Sufi tradition, Sufi Ruhaniat International, and the founder and leader of Ashland Sufi Heart Circle. In addition to performing weddings, Khalil is a Counselor, meeting with individuals, parent/child, and couples. He also leads the Dances of Universal Peace, Zikr, workshops and retreats, and ongoing Sufi classes.

What works best for the couple is what Khalil offers.
Khalil can work with couples who want to plan their own ceremony, couples who want him to plan almost everything, and anywhere in between.

Thank you for understanding our coming together
….. the reunion of the human spirit
…..The Heart and Soul
….and on that day we all became about….

“We are pleased beyond expectations at the outcome of the wedding, and especially so with the ceremony. We are forever grateful.”
Scott, from Ashland, Oregon

“Khalil, you made all of our relatives at our wedding feel at ease, which is no easy task.
Paul,  Ashland, Oregon

“We really enjoyed having you be such an integral part of our wedding. It seemed as though you were able to capture the essence of us and our direction as a couple. Not only that, but you did it in such a personable way that everyone seemed to really enjoy themselves. We felt as though some divine plan has led us to you to help us unite our families in such a maner. And we feel very thankful that everything turned out the way it did.”
John and Sheila,  Southern Oregon

“Khalil, with my nervousness and the hectic pace leading up to the wedding, your calm presence was so reassuring and such a blessing. Thanks once again for everything.”
Jodi,  Ashland, Oregon

“A heart felt thank you for bringing us together! It was such a special day and you were awesome!! Thank you so much for sharing yourself and your true essence with all of us. I believe you understand the coming together… the union of the human spirit….the heart and soul…. and on that day we all just became about love.”
Laura & Ellis, Gold Hill, Oregon

Contact Khalil: 541 890-1337  or